Next Gen Speakers

Next Gen Speakers represent the very best in leadership of their respective fields. What makes a Next Gen Speaker different is the ability to not only be an expert in their craft, but also be an innovative thinker and action taker who takes pride in providing engaging storytelling and the ability to mentor entrepreneurs in how to make their businesses become "Next Gen."

They are innovators, thought leaders, influencers and mentors. They are Next Gen. Think you have what it takes to be a Next Gen Speaker? Click the links below to apply.

Next GenSpeakers


Branding Mentor, Coach's Coach & Leadership Speaker

Travis J. Brady is the creator of Next Gen Coaching and his purpose is to help businesses bring out their creative, innovative, and influential genius through their brand to create more influence & income.


of Marketing

Minky Brady is the Queen of Marketing. Her purpose is to help people unveil their Influence, to become influential in their lives and businesses. Rising up as Next Gen leaders in their lives and businesses to create massive influence & income.


Digital Strategist, Website Designer & Entrepreneur Writer

Frank Wazeter is the founder of Wazeter, Inc and Entrepreneur Leadership writer for He helps business owners become the leaders in their market through digital strategy and story-oriented website development. 



Sam Knickerbocker believes that you are worth being remembered. He specializes in 21st-century Legacy Strategies focused on helping you establish a legacy of meaning.




Performance Coach

Alisha believes that all areas of life are interconnected. Because of this, she focuses on teaching women how to improve in their personal lives, in their health, in their relationships, and in their business endeavors. Alisha believes that NOW is the time for women to show up initially in all areas of their lives and to ditch the excuses. Through her program, Alisha is creating a movement of women ready for change and she invites you to join.


Elora &

Owners, Pixy Pros - The Selfie Museum

Andrew has over 12 years in business and sales, while Elora is versed in social media marketing and photography. The combination of their skills launched 5 new businesses in the span of 7 months during Covid. One of their businesses is Arizona's 1st Selfie museum called Pixypros. Pixypros is set up with 18+ theme rooms where customers can come take some of the most Instagram-able photos. It's now in two locations: Tempe and Glendale, AZ. Pixypros have been featured on both Fox 10 and Channel 12 news, and it also served as a production space for many local musicians.




Success Coach

Rose is a success coach she currently owns a successful nail salon in Old town. Within the first two years in business Rose trippled her income making 100k on year 2, but after being in the beauty industry for 11 years she decided to presure her real passion to motivate and inspire. Rose has decided to take her skills and knowladge and use them to coach and inspire women who want to work for themselves, and show them their unique road map to success. Rose believes each of us has a unique place in this world and she is here to show you how to earn money while doing what you feel you were born to do.



Mainfestation | Empowerment

Stacey Davis is an expert in her field with over two decades of experience helping thousands of clients cut through their limiting beliefs and self-created personal narratives. Through her own experiences and coaching others, she has created her RX methodology that cuts through the noise, wasted time, energy, and resources. She realigns you with how effective, able, and powerful you indeed are. Once we stop the patterns and shift our beliefs, we can pivot our intention and energy and begin to manifest the person we want to become and all the things in life we deeply desire.



Newborn Sleep Consultant

Summer Ranked top 200 BEST sleep consultants by International Certified Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Consultant. Summer is part of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC). She is a sleep correspondent for NPR News,, regularly featured on AzLiving & Independent talk radio 1100 KFNX.



Entrepreneur, TerpNutrition

From elementary school teacher to 6 figure entrepreneur, Megan Loda is the definition of a lady boss! She owns three businesses within the health and wellness space and is extremely passionate about living a healthy life. She will be highlighting her company, TerpNutrition, who’s mission is to normalize the use of CBD for recovery.



Real Estate

Jordan Page is an innovative agent who brings a strategic yet personable approach to the home buying and home selling process. Drawing from years of experience as a top 1% national sales representative at a multibillion-dollar tech company, and launching multiple businesses as an entrepreneur, Jordan has built a reputation for building outstanding client experiences. His background enables him to provide sellers with the very best in marketing, media, and advertising for their homes - resulting in a smooth, stress-free, top-dollar sale. Jordan utilizes social media as part of his sales and marketing processes, and the strategies he uses can be applied to nearly any business to increase their sales.



Senior Loan Officer

Whether it is purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing property, Michael recognizes that these are major financial decisions that delve into uncharted territory for many home buyers or homeowners. He loves working in the mortgage world because it gives him the opportunity to educate his clients and provide a positive experience. His team is made up of experienced, efficient processors and underwriters to allow the client, and their agents, to feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Michael's goal with each client is to make their mortgage experience a treasured, lifelong memory through integrity and quick communication.